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For more information on becoming a Pets Count Too! partner please contact Kim Meller at (928) 204-1238 or email

Pets Count Too! Program

Keep pets with their owners! Pets are very

important to the older adults we serve!

Volunteers provide dog walking, transportation to vet appointments, feeding, and more

What clients are saying about this program
"It is such a blessing to have the opportunity to have this kind of care when one really needs it."

"Your service in general at Caregivers is outstanding-- and this program meets that standard."

"The people who are in the program are all nice people."

Partners are needed to help provide:

  • Emergency pet boarding due to hospitalization
  • Pet food and supplies for low income owners
  • Veterinary services for low income owners
  • Emergency dog walking/ grooming

Partners will be promoted in program publicity and on our VVCC website

Hear from the VVCC Staff

"Pets play a huge role in the lives of the neighbors we serve," said VVCC's Executive Director Kent Ellsworth.
"About 1600 of our neighbors live alone and approximately 40% of them have pets that are important to their quality of life." 

"No one should ever have to face the heartbreak of surrendering a pet. They become a part of the family and in many cases, these animals are all our neighbors have. The more assistive services we can provide, the greater quality of life our neighbors can enjoy." Said Community Resources and Eligibility Coordinator Kim Meller.

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