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Creating a caring community for older adults in need.

"Thank you so much for my Guardian Angel. I feel so much safer living alone now. I know that help is just a button push away!"- VVCC Neighbor 

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Feel Safer at Home

The Guardian Angel Program provides free personal medical alert units in nearly 700 households, keeping at-risk adults connected when they need assistance and are unable to reach their telephone.

The Guardian Angel devices improve health outcomes by allowing rapid response to emergencies, allowing seniors to feel more secure and connected in their own homes.

The pendant-style devices hold four phone numbers (family members, neighbors, local emergency response, and VVCC when needed) which can be called by one-touch buttons or voice command and works wirelessly with the existing phone system.

Who qualifies for a Guardian Angel?

  • Persons who live alone with a diagnosed medical condition that could prevent access to a telephone.


Exceptions are:

  • Couples who are both medically compromised.
  • A person living with an employed family member or caregiver.
  • Persons in temporary need of a Guardian Angel while recovering from surgery or short term illness.

Installation & Maintenance 

  • The Guardian Angel units are installed by VVCC volunteers who have been specifically trained as GA Technicians.
  • Whenever a problem is reported, they either correct the problem or replace the unit.
  • They also arrange checkups  on your unit every six months.
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